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Soy pods

Goma wakame

Japanese seaweed salad

Haromaki 2pz

Fillo pastry rolls cooked with seasonal vegetables and prawns

piglet burger

Sweet and sour pork burger


Mini burger with fried prawns, summer sauce and asparagus

Shrimps Gyoza

Japanese ravioli with shirmps

Ebi Furai 4pz

Furai shrimp with crispy breading and summer sauce

Yakitori 4pz

Chicken skewers with Teriyaki sauce

Tuna Tataki 6pz

Seared tuna with pine nuts

Fried Lobster

Fried Lobster with summer sauce and pinoli

Vegetables Gyoza

Japanese ravioli with vegetables


Carpacci & tartare

Red Prawns

Mazara Del Vallo red prawns served with truffle perlage 4pcs

Tiradito mix

Salmon , sea bass, tuna and Mazara Del Vallo prawn tiradito served with lime, jalapeƱo, nikiri sauce and puffed quinoa 12 pcs

Carpaccio 2010

Salmon, scallops, butterfish, Mazzara Del Vallo red prawns, served with a warm mix of extra virgin olive oil and ponzu 12pcs


Kobe carpaccio, with confit tomatoes and katsuobushi

Tiradito Mini

Salmon, tuna, sea bass tiradito 6pcs

Tuna Tartare

Very fine cut of raw tuna

Salmon Tartare

Very fine cut of raw salmon

Daily Tartare

Chef's daily specialty

Tris Tartare

Mix of tuna, salmon and amberjack tartare


Sushi & set mix

Nigiri 1pz

Salmon, tuna, sea bass, amberjack, butterfish, mackerel, scallops, eel, shrimps

Nigiri Mazzara del Vallo

Nigiri with Mazzara del Vallo red prawns

Sashimi set 5pz

5 piece set of Salmon sashimi, or sea bass, amberjack, scallops, mackerel, shrimp

Sashimi Mix 15pz

Chef's selection mixed sashimi set

gunkan speciale 2pz

Salmon gunkan enriched by the Chef

Gunkan Kobe 2pz

Special gunkan with rice and Kobe meat

Shrimp gunkan 2pz

Prawn from Mazara Del Vallo with truffle perlage

Sea urchin and scallops Gunkan 2pz

Gunkan of sea urchin pulp and scallops

Set mix 16pz

4 sashimi, 4 nigiri, 8 rolls

set mix 20pz

5 sashimi, 5 nigiri, 10 rolls

set mix 32pz

8 sashimi, 6 nigiri, 18 rolls

rolls mix 8pz

8 rolls chef's selection

rolls mix 16pz

16 rolls chef's selection

rolls mix 40pz

40 rolls chef's selection

Chirashi mix

15 pieces of unstructured sushi

Chirashi Salmone

15 pieces of unstructured salmon sushi


Temaki Chef

Nori seaweed cone filled with the chef's selection


Cono di alga Nori con riso, avocado e tartare di granchio

Spicy tuna

Nori seaweed cone with rice and spicy tuna tartare


Nori seaweed cone with rice and salmon tartare


Nori seaweed cone with rice and tuna tartare


classic & special rolls

Shrimps 8pcs

Red prawns with extra virgin olive oil

Amberjack 8pcs

Japanese amberjack and king crab

Shrimps and courgettes 8pcs

Red prawns with scapece zucchini

Aragosta Rolls 8pz

Rolls speciali con aragosta

Spicy Salmon 8pz

Spicy rolls with salmon

Sakemaki 6pz

Small rolls of rice and salmon

Tekkemaki 6pz

Small rolls of rice and tuna

California 8pz

Shrimp, crab tartare and avocado

Oshi zushi 8pz

Smoked salmon with Philadelphia, rice and teriyaki sauce

Shof shal crab rolls 8pz

Special rolls with soft shell crab and avocado

Daily rolls 8pcs

Argentine fried prawns, ebi sushi, king crab

Rolls uova di quaglia

Refined rolls with quail eggs

Crispy rice 6pz

Fried rice cubes with Japanese mayonnaise and salmon tartare

Spicy Tuna 8pz

Spicy rolls with tuna

King rolls 6pz

Rolls in tempura with salmon and berry jam


Hot dishes

Salmon in Teriyaki sauce

Salmon served in teriyaki sauce and white rice

Yakimeshi yasai

Japanese sauteed rice with vegetables

Yakimeshi ebi

Japanese sauteed rice with vegetables and shrimps

Yakimeshi o niku

Japanese sauteed rice with vegetables and meat

Grilled octopus

Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and saffron

Scallops and mushrooms

Scallops with amberjack and shiitake mushroom reduction

Yakisoba with vegetables

Thin wheat spaghetti with vegetables

Yakisoba ebi

Thin wheat spaghetti with vegetables and shrimps

Yakisoba o niku

Thin wheat spaghetti with vegetables and meat


Shiitake mushrooms with melted butter and king crab


Cubes of selected Kobe meat 200g

Kobe bib

Very fine cut of Japanese kobe meat 200g


Very fine cut of Picanha 200g


Seared tuna served with mango, avocado, tomatoes and pomegranate

Sweet dreams


Blueberry and purple cheesecake

Homemade cheesecake with cream and blueberries

chocolate Haromaki

thin dough Japanese rolls with chocolate


Delicate lemon, orange and lime sorbet

White chocolate ganache

Soft white chocolate cream on cocoa sponge cake

Tartine di Dulce de Leche

Crumbly canapes with South American milk cream

Fake Icecream

finto gelato con crema di mango e crumble all'olio di oliva

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